Thoughts on Celebrity Personality

Americans love a personality. Dare I say, they need it. I think Trump is exaggerating for that ‘celebrity’ angle. People who have met him say that he’s well-spoken and pretty calm. He is a question mark. Either he’s exactly what he portrays and we have no explanation for how he hasn’t killed himself on accident yet, or he’s a tad bit more clever than he portrays.

Americans aren’t just like him… but they do see themselves in him. He’s exaggerated though. I think. I have no fucking clue really to be honest. He just seems a little too dumb to have made it this far so I begin to question whether or not he’s as dumb as I think.

An example: I’ve decided Kim Kardashian is probably smarter than people give her credit for. I have every reason (from actual research because I’m a degenerate who spends my time on this stuff) to believe she’s very smart about how she makes and preserves her money. She’s going to law school. She appears to be a good mother. Sure, she’s rich. But money (more than anything) enhances your existing problems due to enabling. It takes a pretty savvy person to pay taxes like the rest of us and continue building an empire that will last for your great grandparents. That’s actually not common among the wealthy.

So I guess what I’m saying is you never know, but it’s always worth a closer look.